Friday, February 5, 2010

11 and 12 weeks

Well I use to think my sisters were the worse people at keeping up with a blog, but as it turns out...I AM!!!
Kyle and I have had an interesting past few weeks. Oklahoma got a big ice/snow storm which kept me home from school four days plus the weekend. This would have been a nice little vacation had I not been sick the ENTIRE time. haha. I am pretty sure I got Bronchitis again, and my doctor was great and called in an antibiotic. So life is happier now.
Kyle and I have a doctors appointment next Friday, the 12th, to hear the babies heart beat. We are both so excited! We have seen the heart beating, but it will be so wonderful to hear that perfect sound.
I am getting anxious to have a belly. I feel a little bigger, but no one but me would see much of a difference yet. All the cute maternity clothes my sisters have given me are just sitting in the closet calling my name! We'll see if I feel this way in a few months.
Alright well that's all I've got for right now.
Here is a picture of me at 11 weeks:
This is when I realized my wedding dress isn't going to fit much longer. (I was watching the Friends episode where Monica, Rachel, and the pregnant Pheobe play in wedding dresses so I had to do it too!!)
This is me at 12 weeks
And this is the first picture of our baby! I have been told s/he looks a lot like Grandaddy...huh?