Thursday, April 15, 2010

22 weeks!

Well hello family and friends. I am a week behind, but hey better late then never...right? I don't have a lot to update right now about the baby, but in my life I just finished my entry year certification for teaching and tomorrow will go and pay $50 for a five year certificate!! Whoo hoo! I am glad to have that done. I had three different mentors coming and observing me twice a semester, so at least the stress of that is over!
Kyle graduates in two weeks! I am so proud of him! He is working VERY hard to finish strong! ALSO...I can't wait for Grace's Mimi and Aunties to be here! She is very excited...or at least she would be if she knew anything but the inside of her momma! haha!
Kyle and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to check out Grace's growth...which she is DEFINITELY doing!
Speaking of growing...check out the baby hill. (soon to be mountain)
me at 22 weeks--almost! (sorry about the poor quality...I took this of myself)

Friday, April 2, 2010


Today has been an EXCITING DAY!! Kyle and I found out we are going to have a daughter! We are both so excited, and good predictors! Haha! We have had a great time taking votes from friends and family. Congrats to all the girl guessers!!

I wasn't sure what my emotions would be today because it's all so new, but I have been so excited and anxious I could hardly stand it. I woke up at least 10 times last night thinking it just had to be morning! Kyle was feeling like the whole having a baby thing was very surreal, but says after seeing her moving and knowing her name it's becoming more and more real.

Here is a picture of Kyle and I ready and heading to the Doctor!

A few belly picks at 20 weeks!

We arrived at the doctor on time, but had to wait about 40 min. before we got called back...longest 40 mins. EVER! When we went back I sat in a reclining chair and in front of us was a BIG flat screen for Kyle and I to watch the baby! It was is amazing! We started the ultrasound immediately and immediately I thought "WOW, that is NOT a gummy bear anymore." She had grown so much since the last ultrasound. It was amazing how much more she looked human! :) The baby was kicking up a storm and moving all around that the lady had to keep searching for her little hands and feet to take a picture! She must have her daddy's energy! We spent a long time looking at the heart and the lady took LOTS of pictures of the heart to make sure everything was perfect. Then came the moment Kyle and I couldn't wait for, and she told us the baby was a girl! Kyle and I grabbed hands and had a smile between us and then laughed and said "We knew it" haha!

After the picture taking a genetic counselor came in to talk to Kyle and I about CMT- a neuromuscular disorder that runs in my family and Tetrology of Fallot (the heart condition Noah had). All she said was you have a 50/50 chance for the CMT, but there isn't really anything you can do about it....nothing I didn't already know. She will be perfect either way! :) and that a heart defect was possible, but slim because Noah is not our parents or one of us.

Then last but not least the Doctor came in and said the baby was Very healthy. Music to my ears. He took another look at the baby. Confirmed she was a girl. My mom asked "is there no doubt it's a girl?" To which the doctor replied "unless it's a boy with a vagina." HAHAHAHA. I was so caught off guard. We all laughed for a while about that!

Enough of that....Introducing the beautiful Grace Riann Beard:

Her Profile:

Her 4-D profile:

A little better view of her face in 4-D:

Her sweet kicking feet:

After the Doctor we of course had to go shopping for some Girly baby things! It was so much fun looking and knowing what I am looking for!! AHHHHH....I AM SO EXCITED!!
The diaper bag- (I love the compartments and small size!)
Grace's Sippy cup-
Every girl needs accessories-
Church dresses-
Baby Book-
PJ's and onesies-
Clearance winter items for our 3-6 month old-
Kyle and I are so excited to meet our little girl! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for her, and please continue! August can't come fast enough!