Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer has begun!!

Well I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer break so far. It started with Kyle and I moving in with Sara and Preston and OUT of our crummy apartment! Check out our new home/room!!

We are so thankful that Sara and Preston took us in temporarily. It will save us some mulla in the end. Also my Dad came with the cattle trailer and loaded all our stuff to store it for us! Thanks Dad!

To keep my self entertained I have been working on getting things ready for Grace's nursery. She may not have a room yet, but when she does I will be ready!
This is her name that is going to hang over her crib. I bought the letters and wood plaques and then painted them and glued pre-painted flowers and bugs on for decoration.

Look how well it matches her bedding! Thanks Mimi and Great-Grandma Kolster!

I am not quite finished with this plaque, but I painted it pink, modge-podged colored paper stripes and glued the pre-painted bug and flower. The completed work will have the verse- I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14- on it.

In two short days I will begin my third trimester! I feel like this pregnancy is FLYING by! It wont be long till I am holding my beautiful Gracie in my arms!

Here's a new belly pic!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Parmelee's Got Talent!

My school had a talent show last week and here is a video of some of the faculty and me dancing to Thriller. I of course am in the far back corner. They never let tall people in the front!! Enjoy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Old News and New News

Hello Friends! Well I have a very LONG post for you all!!
First of all, Kyle and I had an intense hail storm this weekend. Kyle's car suffered some dents and dings and the outer pane of our bedroom window was busted. Other than that nothing too bad!
Grousse Run River in the parking lot...yes the water is to my ankle.
The bedroom window:
Just to see how BIG the hail was:
Outside our door. There was so much hail it looked like it had snowed.
Kyle and I are moving next week and couldn't be more ready. To prepare us for the event our dishwasher door broke today! YAY!! haha
Two weeks ago Kyle graduated from College!! I am so proud of him! He even has an interview at a church in Bonham, Texas June 12-13! I am praying for God to place him where he can do the most work for Christ!! Plus...I really like the idea of taking a year off and being mom!
Kyle flashing the diploma cover!
The Cascade Crew:
Yep...Grace is as proud as her daddy!
Great Picture of the Kolster, Beard, Wright, and Melton family! Thanks to everyone who came to support Kyle! It was so much fun!
May 11 I had my first baby shower! It was given by the hospitality committee at school, which just so happens to be the Kindergarten team this year! It was a lot of fun and Grace was so very blessed by all my coworkers kindness. It almost makes me feel bad for wanting to quit...but I have a pretty good excuse.
The flyer that was posted in the women's bathroom:
The goods!!!
Here are some belly pics of me at 26 weeks....that's right! Only 2 weeks till my third trimester! Ready of not Grace is on her way SOON! I can't wait!
Holy that really my stomach!!
I also finally made a decision and ordered Graces coming home outfit! I had so much fun looking at all my options! I new I wanted something cuddly, soft, and summery! it is! I love it! It was lots of ruffles and is so cute and tiny! I can't wait to put Grace in it! I even have her some ballet socks to wear....sorry no picture. Now the hunt is on for a cute bow! AHH...I am so excited to meet her!