Monday, June 28, 2010

One Year ago...Yesterday!

Kyle and I celebrated our first anniversary yesterday! We went on a fun date to dinner and talked about the greatness of our first year of marriage. It's amazing how much can happen and how much life can change in a short year. We laughed at all our fun surprises and blessings, and discussed our moments of learning and growing together as a couple. But enough talk...let's look at pictures!!
The Wedding and the Honeymoon! WHOO HOOO!!!
Sharing our first home....oh how we DON'T miss that apartment!!
Some CRAZY firsts....the snow storm and the hail storm--though we both agreed getting snowed in our fist Christmas together was pretty awesome and made for beautiful memories.
We both agree this was our GREATEST accomplishment!
It's been an amazing first year! I am really looking forward to the next 99!! I LOVE YOU KYLE!

On another note, this past week my mom, sisters, and I went on an all girl +kids trip to Galveston. It was a lot of fun watching Noah's fearless love of the ocean and Ava's pure terror, though in time she did get braver. Chase was all about catching the creatures from the ocean and creating his own "zoo pond." I really enjoyed all the laughs I got to share with my mom and sisters. It's too few and far between that we are all together.

Sara, Amy and I at Palm Beach, a man-made white sand beach. Lot's of fun and the water was SO much cooler than the ocean. I was appreciative.--BTW-if you ever wanna hide in your swimsuit stand beside your 32 week pregnant sister.
Mom and I on the Beach!
we went to the Strand to shop one day and I had to have my picture made with this shop!!! AWWWWW......
32 Weeks and counting!!!

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  1. Galveston was great. My most memorable moment was lying in bed in the evening listening to Ava have a conversation with herself in her port-a-crib. That girl can talk and I mean for over 1/2 hour one night. Leah did get a little cranky with her a few times. Oh, happy house hunting.
    Love,Hugs & Kisss, MOM/Grammy